Historic Downtown

Panama City

Historic Downtown Panama City is just that... historic! The community was named Panama City in 1906 under the developer G.M. West. The downtown area was previously called "Harrison" and for a brief time, "Park Resort," in the 1800s. It started with the waterfront where commercial shipping took place, a post office, and the city jail. Businesses soon began to expand northward. A school, church, and railway was soon to follow. By 1909 the city was incorporated. In 1913 Panama City became the new seat in Bay County. As the 20's and 30's quickly approached, downtown Panama City continued to grow with several banks, a hospital, and the city's first skyscraper, the Dixie Sherman Hotel. Since then the downtown area has continued to flourish and grow. Multiple revitalization projects have taken place, redevelopment keeps the area feeling fresh, and new local businesses plant roots each year. Downtown Panama City allows residents and guests to get a historic feel for the town while also keeping up with the ever- changing times.

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